An optimized lending platform that aims to give you the highest deposit yields and lowest borrowing fees on collateral assets within BSC and Polygon.

Avalanche Live with wAVAX Support, More Single Assets Coming in January 2022

We are excited to announce that RAMP is live on Avalanche! Currently the Avalanche deployment supports wAVAX for rUSD collateralization.

More single assets on Avalanche including wBTC.e, wETH.e, LINK.e, JOE and QI will be continually added and supported across January.

Strategy Upgrade For APY Improvement on 6 January 2022

A strategy upgrade will be implemented on 6 January 2022…

We are excited to share that rUSD minting is now available on the Ethereum network!

The rUSD cross-chain bridge between Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum will be ready within December, which means that rUSD liquidity can be freely transferable across major DeFi ecosystems once it goes live.

RAMP Transition and Integration with DeFi 2.0 on Ethereum

The DeFi landscape…


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